Our story

Norwegian kids fashion for comfort & play

Gullkorn Design’s story started in 2015 in the south of Norway when the idea for comfortable, but fashionable kids clothing originated. From the very beginning, our ambition has been to create high quality children’s clothing in timeless Scandinavian designs, trendy colors and with a special focus on clothes that are comfortable to wear and thus encourage movement, creativity and play. We get our inspiration from our consumers and their wonderful children, who are always the focus of our attention. In Norwegian “Gullkorn” means ‘grain of gold’ and reflects the preciousness and playfulness of every child.

Today, Gullkorn Design is a popular and one of Norway’s fastest growing kids fashion brands. All our clothing is designed and developed Norway. Our stylish designs are characterized by Scandinavian functionality with clean lines and are inspired by the Norwegian lifestyle, nature and weather. We use fabrics that are soft and always comfortable to wear and thus preferred by both parents and kids for daily use and special occasions. Gullkorn Design offers easily-combinable, gender-neutral and long-lasting clothing that can be inherited.

Our portfolio includes all-year-round casual wear and fashion items and we offer basics, mid-layers and outerwear for boys and girls aged from 0-10 years. We also offer swim wear and accessories.

Here you can find more information about Gullkorn Design.